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Our guarantee is backed by our attention to detail and use of only the highest quality materials and components available. We stand behind the durability of every Warwick custom mask against any defects for a full year.


Each mask is handcrafted in our shop in Michigan. We continue to pay close attention to detail at a time when many companies are using less expensive materials & shortcuts in manufacturing. Warwick masks have been made in Port Huron Michigan by the same family since 1968, with ever evolving technology. Our commitment to craftsmanship, has never wavered. High-quality materials and technique provide a high-quality mask every time.


Our masks have been worn safely and been trusted by Pros, college, and amateur goalies for over 50 years. You can call the shop anytime and speak with Gary or Shelley to answer any questions regarding your mask or any of our services. We service our products and you can order replacement parts online at any time. We recommend a mask is re-padded every couple of years depending on the amount of hockey you play and how many pucks you stop. We often refurbish masks 5-6 years down the road if taken care of properly. (replace cage when needed)